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Guest Episode on Rigoberta Menchú
Episode 4Bonus Episode31st December 2020 • Demons and Dames • Demons and Dames the Podcast
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"Let there be freedom for the Indians, wherever they may be in the American Continent or elsewhere in the world, because while they are alive, a glow of hope will be alive as well as a true concept of life." - Rigoberta Menchú

Join Sarah and Dr Linda Westman from the Urban Institute at Sheffield University to discuss the life and accomplishments (thus far) of Rigoberta Menchú. Rigoberta is a renowned Kʼicheʼ Indigenous feminist and human rights activist, politician, and Nobel Peace Prize winner who has spent her life fighting for the lives and rights of indigenous Guatemalans.

Dr Linda Westman is a Postdoctoral Research Associate whose work engages with the governance of sustainability and climate change, urban sustainability transformations, and justice. Dr Westman is excited to join Demons and Dames to discus how Rigoberta's work has provided an alternative perspective on the familiar concept of sustainability.


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Testimonial Biography

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