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Episode 453rd November 2021 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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Well, well, well... we are so pleased to welcome you to Naughty November!

Heads up... if you normally listen with little ones around, this episode you might want to save for a mature audience. We think the title probably gives this away, but just in case... we use mature words and discuss maturation and sexual trauma.

First things first, we want to invite you to join us November 20th to participate in our book club and live recording that will be aired the following week, here in this feed. We are currently reading "Come as You Are" by Emily Nagoski. Get your tickets here, and join us for a juicy conversation all about female sexuality! We will provide lunch, drinks, and a cozy atmosphere to dip into this vulnerable topic.

Our Naughty November line up includes 1. this episode, 2. a conversation talking about sex with friends, 3. a discussion about boundaries, and 4. the book club live recording that we hope you are a part of.

This episode is a very vulnerable one for the two of us. We are basically laying out all the baggage and unhealthy messages we have received and carried around with us for years. Today, we are laying it all on the table and detangling some of toxic beliefs that have colored our sexuality and sexual experiences. Some of the things we discuss we are ready to let go of to make room for more love and acceptance. While at the same time, there are some ideas that are still knotted up and we have more work to do.

We use the overall messaging from the book to help us create new perspectives to view our experiences. This book is a GAME CHANGER! We highly recommend it! Let's all make a commitment to be done slut shaming, let go of what we think we are "supposed" to look like or how we think we are "supposed" to experience sexual intimacy. Let's engage in conversations that are centered more on sexual education, self love and acceptance, and let's embrace our "Garden's" and tend to the things WE want to grow.

We hope this conversation is inviting and healing for you. Join us in letting go of the things that no longer serve us, so we can make room for lot's of pleasure in our lives!

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