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“Run” by Dirt Coyote (read by Kergiby, part 2 of 2)
13th June 2023 • The Voice of Dog • Rob MacWolf and guests
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The following episode contains material that may be disturbing to some listeners. If a story concerning queerphobic, familial, or religious abuse in the form of conversion therapy is likely to disturb you, then please feel free to skip this one.

When Blake is sent to Guiding Path Academy, a school for converting gay boys, there’s only one thing he can do.

Today’s story is the second and final part of  “Run” by Dirt Coyote, who, when he’s not causing all sorts of trouble on twitter, is writing a novel, a series, and short furry fiction. You can find his works in the recently released Furs with Benefits, upcoming anthologies, and at DirtCoyote on Twitter for future updates.

Last time, Blake had been sent to a conversion therapy school for boys. Not wanting to tolerate the lies Dr. Fitzpatrick tells him nor the awful treatment from staff and other boys, Blake took his future into his own paws and began the plans for an escape.

Read by Kergiby, a Full-Time Panther. | Apple podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

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