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Ep7: How I plan my week
Episode 71st November 2021 • Beyond the Kitchen Table (previously the Website Coach) • Marie Brown
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One of the benefits of working for yourself is having the freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. But I found that does not lead to running a successful business. It just leads to running a stressful business. And I found that out the hard way!

So I plan my week in advance. No, I rarely (ok never) stick to that plan but it helps enormously to decide my priorities for the week, and make sure I do get more done.

This episode is all about how I plan my week.

[00:24] Introduction

[02:44] Make the list

[04:14] Leads

[06:28] Bespoke website building client work

[08.26] Other Client Work

[10:25] Marketing

[12:37] Business Development

[14:53] Other

[15:34] Adding to my schedule

[19:23] What About...

[19:52] Don't want to do something

[21:18] Something takes longer

[23:00] Something Urgent pops up

[24:24] Recap

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