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Linc Thelen Shares His Artistic Journey
Episode 8421st April 2020 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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Today we’re joined by a multitalented artist, Linc Thelen, who not only paints beautiful works of art but also designs and builds contemporary high-end homes for which he has been critically acclaimed. Sourdough caught up with Linc at the 2019 Art Basel to talk about his impression of the show, exhibiting his work, and the art that has captured his attention. Having a formal education in both art and architecture, Linc is in a unique position to bring his clients something from both worlds, an aspect that has gained him a large public following. He shares how his journey as an artist has taught him to see differently, how he was unexpectedly influenced by minimalism and his hope of creating art that brings positive energy to people’s homes.

When you look at his paintings and house designs, there is a recognizable narrative running through all of them, and this he ascribes to being intentional and consistent in the atmosphere he wants his work to exude. Despite these noticeable traits, he does believe in experimenting with different things and seeing how the audience responds to new approaches. For him, that is part of the artist’s journey and the constant quest to find out which innovations resonate with people. On a more practical note, Linc talks about time management, selling on social media, contracts and agreements with galleries, and why there is no getting away from hard work if you want to be a successful artist.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Thoughts on Art Basel 2019, the different venues, and the smaller satellite shows.
  • Showing at different galleries globally, his sales, and developing a unique technique. 
  • Linc’s formal education in both art and architecture, and being influenced by minimalism. 
  • Learning to see the world differently and how it ties into his motivation for creating art.
  • Applying the principles of positive energy and minimalism also to his architectural designs.
  • Being hired as an architect with an art background to bring his unique aesthetic.
  • Remaining consistent in the through-line and narrative in his work.
  • The importance of having a relationship with his clients.
  • Balancing all facets of life by learning to use time efficiently and finding an effective workflow.
  • Receiving awards and widespread publicity for renovating a church into a home.
  • How his artistic career has benefited from his ability to be pragmatic and rational.
  • The elusive art world, the constant search for answers, and understanding what people want.   
  • Partnerships with galleries, the value they bring, and how they fit into his future growth.
  • How contracts and agreements work in the context of selling through his own studio.
  • Thoughts on consignment sales and carrying risk from the galleries’ perspective.
  • Selling work on social media, posting intervals, and the type of content on his feed.
  • The study on circles, experimenting with new ideas and testing people’s responses.
  • Managing stress by having checklists of tasks that address the source of the stress.   
  • Using time efficiently while realizing that there is no substitute for hard work and dedication.
  • The pivotal point when the economy crashed and he went broke as a single parent.
  • Ideas around how the art world can go about attracting new art buyers.

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