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EP 247 - Green Bottom Line: Big Business and Government in the Climate Arena with Akshat Rathi
Episode 24710th October 2023 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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Akshat is an author and Senior Reporter for Climate at Bloomberg News.

We discuss Akshat's new (debut) book - Climate Capitalism: Winning The Global Race To Zero Emissions - and how climate change is affecting business. We talk about what big business and government need to do to take climate action and get some advice for SMEs on how they can make a climate positive impact.

Akshat also tells us why he thinks that social media qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.

Amazon link to Akshat's new book


00:31 Akshat's Journey and Challenges as a Climate Reporter

01:41 The Role of Climate Information in Business

02:51 Discussion on Akshat's Book 'Climate Capitalism'

04:30 Success Stories from the Book

07:00 The Role of SMEs in Climate Change

08:17 The Importance of Government Intervention

09:41 Akshat's Journey from Science to Journalism

13:46 The Role of Big Businesses and Regulators

15:15 The Need for Global Investment in Developing Countries

22:34 Akshat's Personal Journey and Future Goals

23:34 Tangible Steps for SMEs to Combat Climate Change

26:34 Discussing the Importance of Fact Reporting

28:18 The Hustle of Working in India and Adapting to London

29:09 The Importance of Work-Life Balance and Personal Interests

29:36 The Unexpected Joy of Exercise

30:58 The Art of Negotiating Salary

32:53 The Impact of Social Media on Journalism

36:38 The Role of Journalism in Exposing Greenwashing

39:14 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know the Guest

42:00 Book Recommendations and Final Thoughts

Akshat's recommendations:

Bottled Lightening - Seth Fletcher (book)

Four Thousand Weeks - Oliver Burkeman (book)

Is It Time To Break The Law - Chris Packham (documentary)

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