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Women Over 50 - A Life Redesigned - Shelly Drymon 22nd February 2021
Is this all there is? My interview with Julie Scott
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Is this all there is? My interview with Julie Scott

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My guest today is Julie Scott creator of The Confident Women's Community, and the author of the book - "This Time It's About You" how to take your life from no I can't to yes I can!

You can find Julie on her Facebook Group - The Confident Women's Community and her website.

About Julie - It wasn't too long ago I was sitting right where you are.... I just felt blah... Don't get me wrong, from the outside I looked fine. I was good at that - making sure everything looked "fine". But on the inside I was feeling numb, lost and I had this nagging feeling that I was running out of time. Like my life was flying by and I had nothing to show for it. 

I stayed in a relationship I wasn’t happy in and a job I hated for far too long. I was in a rut, and so embarrassed to be a woman in her 40's with no clue as to what she wanted. The problem was I never really checked in with me and what I wanted. I get it, it’s easier to just keep doing what you’ve been doing… it’s safe and predictable and change is scary. But I can tell you, once you start digging into the wonders of you – you're not going to want to stop because LIFE STARTS TO GET SO GOOD. 

Everyday I feel more vivacious and alive creating a life that I love and look forward to. I feel healthy, strong and sexy... I trust myself and I'm confident I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to at any age! I want the same for you - I promise, you won’t regret this investment in YOU – you’re so worth it.