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The Travel Podcast - The Travel Podcast EPISODE 38, 13th October 2020
Israel: A hidden gem of a year round destination!
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Israel: A hidden gem of a year round destination!

Israel…small in size, but massive in what it offers its visitors. This fascinating country has truly been blessed with so many positive attributes: Great weather, diverse landscapes, world renowned culinary options and millennia of history & archaeology to explore. It’s also the Holy Land, hosting important religious sites for the three main monotheistic religions, but at the same time is a country where going out and having fun is a way of life. It’s holiday perfection all wrapped up in one little package!

In this episode we discover why Israel is perfect year round destinations and full of hidden gems, including;

  • Childhood dreams of being Indiana Jones can come to life
  • Try your luck walking on water
  • You ski in Israel… What, I know!!!
  • Some of the best food around, including a massive Vegan scene
  • Over 300 wineries to enjoy