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The Science Behind Sleep
Episode 96th October 2022 • Ayurveda 101 with •
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Ever wonder what your brain does at night when you sleep? Turns out, it’s not just parked in neutral, waiting for you to wake up again. A good night’s sleep gives your brain a chance to perform all kinds of vital functions, including “flushing out” stress from the previous day. 

Join Śankari Wegman and our special guest Fred Travis, PhD, for a deep dive into the science of sleep. The author of Your Brain is a River, Not a Rock and Excellence Through Mind-Brain Development, Dr. Travis has spent decades exploring the impact of rest—namely, through sleep and meditation—on the brain and body. 

You’ll learn:

  • What the brain does at night when we sleep
  • Why a good night’s sleep is so vital to our mental and physical health
  • How the rest you experience during meditation is different from sleep
  • About the relationship between sleep, memory, and neuroplasticity