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Ep49 - How To Get Your Speaking Proposal Picked
Episode 4921st January 2020 • The RK3 Show • Robert Kennedy III
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We have another episode focused on Marketing and Branding - but this time, we focus on the power of storytelling to effectively market yourself and your business.

Our guest this week believes in "Marketing that Matters". Helping entrepreneurs use marketing to build their business is her passion. She refers to herself as a Marketing Maven and she believes "nothing is more satisfying than helping them frame their story, connect with customers and grow their business."

Aurora Gregory has a story to share, let's listen to it!

What's In Store For You

  • [03:10] How are stories essential to Aurora Gregory's business as a Marketing Maven?
  • [04:02] Aurora shares how some brands get their stories wrong.
  • [05:29] Is there a difference between story marketing and regular marketing?
  • [07:30] What is the first thing one has to do to be customer-centric?
  • [08:44] What is one of the fastest ways for entrepreneurs to grow their business?
  • [09:40] How does Aurora's marketing team differ from a sales team?
  • [11:50] Why is speaking on a stage so powerful for entrepreneurs?
  • [14:23] What are some of the opportunities that speakers, entrepreneurs, small business owners are missing with regard to speaking?
  • [16:53] Based on Aurora's recent book, Creating a Narrative is critical to creating effective pitches/proposals. What are five (5) things that a speaker can do to connect and create meaning for your audience?

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