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Talk is cheap
Episode 5316th March 2022 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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We want to start this episode off with an invitation to join us in this conversation with curiosity and self compassion. Our topic today can evoke a lot of shame and self criticism. We feel like talking through this together can help make the biggest impact for our personal experiences and as a collective. This episode is a lot about Gossip.

This topic impacts women, specifically, and is a tool that separates us from each other as advocates for one another. Carissa shares a personal, and difficult experience. Looking at this situation can help us fully understand the detriment and pain that occurs from this behavior, as well as the long lasting consequences.

The Anatomy of Peace is a great book that was very helpful to help both of us make a sustainable behavioral change.

We discuss the importance of discernment, the chance we have to make these connecting moments rather than isolating ones, the contrast between our feminine conversations now, and the most helpful tool that made a big difference for us.

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