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Purposeful Storytelling With Shaun Bernstein from The Write Stuff Agency
Episode 6212th June 2023 • Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis • Andrea W. Hanson : Author & Master Coach
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"We all have stories. Our stories are what make us unique. They're what sets us apart." - Shaun Bernstein

Shaun Bernstein has navigated life with hemophilia since birth. Despite the challenges that come with living with a chronic illness, Shaun has flourished thanks to the support of his parents and their emphasis on normalizing his condition while he grew up.

His journey has led him to become a lawyer, a journalist, and eventually, the founder of his own copywriting agency. Shaun's dedication to helping others share their stories, along with his warmth and compassion, make him an inspiring figure for anyone living with a chronic illness.

  • Embracing vulnerability and storytelling as a means of achieving inner empowerment
  • Why Shaun says he found himself at a lucky time in history.
  • Using storytelling to achieve greater clarity and relevance for personal and professional branding.
  • Shaun's own story about thriving with a chronic illness and advocating for others

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