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Mother or Martyr
Episode 1336th October 2022 • Giving You Something To Talk About • GYSTTALIVETV
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Melissa Krechler and Sara Jafar Adams discuss societal pressures that have encouraged mothers to become martyrs for their children and how that damages our own health and wellness.

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Guest Speaker is Sara Jafar Adams

Sara Jafar Adams is a Certified Personal Trainer, Women’s Empowerment Coach and owner of Female Force Fitness & Coaching.

Sara is a passionate thought leader who helps women connect deeply to themselves, consciously align their world and intentionally design the life they know they’re meant to live!

Her compassionate heart and fiery spirit inspire her clients to reclaim their self-care and embark on a transformational journey of self-love and ultimate life fulfillment.




Host is Melissa Krechler

Identity Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Business Mentor


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