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Breeder to Breeder: Resuscitating and Saving Puppies
Episode 6913th October 2021 • The Good Dog Pod • Good Dog
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In this installment of the Breeder to Breeder series, Laura, Susan, and Gayle talk about what breeders can do to resuscitate puppies that seem to be fading.

The first thing you need to know is how to identify when a recently-born puppy may be in trouble. Healthy, naturally-born puppies should be rigid (not soft), and should weigh more than they look. Puppies that aren’t moving or making any sounds should be concerning - while there are variations between breeds, most newborns will be making noises and moving to find their mother. If you’re concerned about a puppy, it’s important to act immediately - in fact, it’s always best to take action rather than to wait when it comes to newborn puppies. 

When whelping, breeders are with their puppies 24/7. Susan and Gayle list some of the essential items they have with them during the entire process - from white towels to blow dryers. They also list some accessible alternatives that are great options for breeders without a lot of existing equipment.

If you’re dealing with a puppy that is still a bit limp, or a puppy that hasn’t fully cleared its lungs yet, you can gently compress and uncompress the puppy’s body with your hands (almost like puppy yoga) while angling the puppy downward. This can get the remaining fluid out of the lungs.

When assessing your puppies, checking their heartbeat is key. Puppies that don’t have a heartbeat after 15 minutes often will not make it, so it’s important to constantly monitor puppies that you’re concerned about. 

Listen to the episode for more tips on resuscitating puppies.