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Being a Taiwanese LGBT comedian
Episode 16131st July 2022 • The comedians paradise • Marvin McCarthy
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We chat to Kuan-Wen Huang, he is a Taiwanese, gay, happily chubby, an obsessive Teddybear hoarder who escaped from a clichéd Tiger mom. Here is an overview of what we discussed:

[07:18] How Kuan moved from Taiwan to the UK

[12:20] Are accountants boring and whether it affected his comedy?

[16:10] How he became a comedian

[22:47] How Asian kids are like trophies

[45:16] How British people are not honest with themselves, they like to think they are the least racist people , but the truth is it isn't

[50:00] Double standards within minority groups

[54:17] What has comedy given him, what is the main purpose of comedy

[60:00] How to manage your mental health and emotions

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