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Music Calms your Chaos!
Episode 1917th April 2022 • Calming the Chaos • Tracy Kenela
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Calming the Chaos with Music - Interview with Dave Combs

Dave Combs is a songwriter, entrepreneur and author of the best selling book “Touched by the Music.” In his book, Dave Combs describes his amazing journey through life from a collection of his own inspiring stories.

Over the past four decades he has written over 120 songs and created fifteen albums of soothing, relaxing instrumental piano music, including the popular standard, Rachel’s Song. His music has been played millions of times on radio, satellite, and all internet streaming media.

Dave is here today on Calming the Chaos to describe what a powerful resource music can be to help you calm any chaos you might be experiencing in your life.

1. Introduction to Dave

2. The Random and Chaotic Events in the world today (some ideas)

a. A 2-year Pandemic

b. The Ukraine-Russia War

c. The Chaos of Income Taxes

3. Prescriptions from Dave: How music can help us find peace in a chaotic world

4. Rachel’s Song and other peaceful musical creations 5. Dave’s Stories from Listeners

Notable Timestamps

37:04 - A Musical Prescription for coping with the Pandemic

43:00 - Calming, Soothing music at Dave's YouTube Channel "Long Playing Music" at

44:16: Dave's Prescription for Ukraine to calm the chaos

46:54 - Your Free link to "Rachel's Song"

47:55 - The Book “Touched by the Music” (Audible actually has Dave's Narration!)

49:45 - If you'd like the sheet music to play Dave's songs, go to Sheet Music Plus at

52:17 - Celebrate Freedom was created after 9/11/01, and a fund was created to help students get a scholarship for 27 students at Lake Forest University for free!

54:17 - Play an instrument to calm your chaos (even play the spoons, right, J.D.?)

56:00 - Dave's prescription for Tracy to calm her Tax Chaos - Album "Beautiful Thoughts"

5. Website:

6. Social Media Links Facebook: LinkedIn: YouTube:

7. Products / Services / Promotions

8. Jack Canfield interviews Dave #davecombsmusic #jackcanfield #calmingmusic