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Adding and All About Me Book to Your Advocacy at the IEP Table
Episode 2616th February 2021 • Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow • Ashley Barlow
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You’ve probably heard me talk about All About Me Books, and you may be wondering what goes in this kind of document.  In today’s podcast episode, I walk you through All About Me Books (let’s just call them AAMBs) – why to draft them, what kind of information to include, how to format them, and how to use them in your advocacy.  


I like to start an AAMB with a good description of the child and the way the child’s diagnoses affect the child.  Then, I recommend that parents organize the additional pages by category.  Maybe that looks like a page each for OT, PT, Speech, academics, etc.  Maybe it looks like a page each for Reading, Reading Fluency, Math Computation, and Math Fluency.  However it looks will be unique to the child, but communicating it in an organized, objective manner will be such an asset to the rest of the IEP team.  I always end an AAMB with an expression of gratitude, an offer to help in any way, and a willingness to address any questions or concerns.  This kind of communication goes such a long way in setting a collaborative tone on an IEP team.  


I’ve also got a Freebie on my website that describes All About Me Books.  Hop over the link to download yours!!!