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Engage Video Marketing Podcast - Ben Amos EPISODE 71, 19th November 2018
EVM071 The Recipe for Your (Video) SEO Success with Kate Toon

EVM071 The Recipe for Your (Video) SEO Success with Kate Toon

Kate Toon, expert copywriter and search optimization engine legend, joins us in this episode as we explore the world of SEO. Kate is a writing entrepreneur, popular coach, speaker and podcaster. She established a digital education business called The Recipe for SEO Success and the Clever Copywriting School which have helped more than 8,000 small businesses worldwide.

In this episode

  • Kate’s journey of how she came into the world of copywriting and SEO.
  • What is SEO?
  • The secret to good SEO and the thought process behind it.
  • Improving your website SEO ranking in Google.
  • Where does video fit in the world of SEO?
  • Things to consider before making a video.
  • Tips to increase your YouTube video rankings.
  • Importance of video transcripts in SEO.
  • Making your videos rank above google ads on the first page of search engine results.
  • The value of embedding videos in other social media platforms to Google search results.
  • The future of SEO
  • Ideas on how to communicate with your audience on your website.


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