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The war in Europe is over & Gander becomes an International Airport
Episode 626th November 2021 • History of Gander • Jack Pinsent
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VE Day, May 8, 1945. The arrival of USAAF aircraft at Gander is now in reverse as they return from overseas back to the USA where they will now prepare for the war in the Pacific. The airport is transferred from the military back to the Newfoundland Commission of Government. A new challenge for the airport is now in effect, the startup of transatlantic air travel. Gander now become an International airport. With the influx of civilian families, the military buildings would now be renovated to accommodate that of a civilian town with apartments, schools, churches and business establishments. Two major accidents occurred in the short history of the post war airport. One relating to that of the towns civilians, the other to that of an airplane crash. With the arrival of airline operators and as a result of a crash due mainly to poor weather, a safer means of navigation was required. The worlds first civilian Ground Approach Radar was installed at the airport which proved to be a major success.