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Delivering Personalized Education Using AI With Dr. Rael Futerman
Episode 1916th May 2024 • Unlocking The AI Advantage • Ramesh Dontha
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Are you curious about AI's role in education? Join us for an enlightening discussion between Ramesh and his guest, Dr. Rael Futerman, co-founder of Cartedo, the trailblazing online learning platform reshaping the education landscape. 

Dive deep into AI's transformative power in education, unraveling the challenges, solutions, and boundless opportunities it presents.

Explore how AI serves as a beacon, bridging educational gaps and crafting personalized learning experiences tailored to each student's needs. Delve into the profound impact of technology and Cartedo's pivotal role in revolutionizing remote learning.

Discover the relationship between AI and education trends as Cartedo pioneers innovative solutions to address emerging challenges and explore AI's potential to ignite student motivation.

Don't miss this captivating episode as we journey through the future of education, guided by Dr. Futerman's visionary insights. Tune in now and embark on a transformative exploration of AI-powered learning!

In This Episode:

- Challenges in education

- How can AI bridge the gaps in education?

- The impact of the pandemic and how technology helped people during that time  

- Would Cartedo have existed without the pandemic and the rise of AI?

- How does AI help create a personalized learning experience?

- What are the benefits of AI-powered education?

- How does Cartedo address emerging trends and gaps in education?

- What are the challenges in education, and how can AI help address them?

- What is Bloom's 2 Sigma Problem all about?

- Can AI help motivate students to learn?

- How relevant is an educational curriculum in a real-world scenario?

- Why should we be excited about the rise of AI?

- Should educators worry about losing their jobs to AI?

- What's stopping people from fully embracing AI?

- What must educators and other stakeholders do to support AI adoption

And more!

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