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98. Akara Skye: "Silent No More"
20th December 2022 • Once Upon A Time...In Adopteeland • Jennifer Dyan Ghoston
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During times in this episode, there is sensitive content that may be traumatizing to some audiences. Listener discretion advised.

Akara is a domestic, baby scoop era, closed adoption, late discovery adopted person. She is estranged from her adoptive family and unacknowledged by her birth family. She is a writer to help her navigate the multi layered trauma of relinquishment. Akara is a board member of AKA, Adoption Knowledge Affiliates, to support the endeavors of connection, education, and support to the adoption triad. She is part of the Adoptee Voices Cohort through which several of her writing pieces have been featured and published in the e-Zine.. She also contributed to a short recorded presentation for the Rudd Adoption Research Program Conference.

Living on the sacred land of Sedona has offered Akara solace and healing; as well as time to reflect and write about her life under a different, more truthful, lens.  

You may find Akara here

Zara Phillips and Dr. Gabor Mate'

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