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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 61, 24th May 2020
Harnessing Your Personal Power

Harnessing Your Personal Power

The beautiful and effervescent soul, Crystal Heinemann, is back with us for a fun, high-vibration conversation!

Crystal is a psychic, a healer, an intuitive counselor, and a meditation AND a psychic development teacher. Just by being in her presence you feel your vibration rise!

She is founder of the Psychic Soul, which is an online collection of resources where you can find private psychic sessions, intuitive counseling, psychic development, metaphysical and meditation courses as well as a host of other tools to help you navigate your path and personal expansion. Crystal wants us to heal and empower ourselves so that we can help others.

In this episode we talk with Crystal about the birth of the Psychic Soul, her guided YouTube meditations, and a new online course all about how we can be masters of our own bodies. We also discuss how Crystal receives information from her guides to create all her amazing offerings. 

Crystal also gifted Carol and Deb with readings. You'll hear for yourself the valuable information she pulls through!

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https://www.thepsychicsoul.com/offers/v8arLApo?coupon_code=EXPAND (Course Discount!)


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