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80. Empowering with Efficiency: Preventing Teacher Burnout with Author and Educator Jamie Sears
23rd June 2023 • Equipping ELLs • Beth Vaucher, ELL, ESL Teachers
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Are you feeling overwhelmed and on the brink of burnout?

We understand the challenges you face, and that's why we've brought in the amazing Jamie Sears, author and educator, to address the pressing issue of preventing teacher burnout in this episode of the Equipping ELLs podcast.

Jamie Sears creates curriculum and delivers professional development for elementary educators through The Not So Wimpy Teacher Company. She has also authored the book How to Love Teaching Again: Work Smarter, Beat Burnout, and Watch Your Students Thrive.

In our conversation with the Not So Wimpy Teacher, Jamie shares powerful strategies to empower teachers with efficiency, overcome exhaustion, and find renewed joy in teaching!

If you're tired of feeling drained and want to create a sustainable work-life balance, this episode is a game-changer. Don't miss out on the opportunity to regain control and revolutionize your teaching experience.

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