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Prayer 2021 - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 252, 11th September 2021
Prayer 2021 - September 11 - Our Rights Under Prayer pt 7
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Prayer 2021 - September 11 - Our Rights Under Prayer pt 7

Scripture For Today:


Luke 6:12


“One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the entire night praying to God.”

Our Rights Under Prayer pt 7

We have been talking about our blood bought RIGHT to pray and to expect results.  We have been getting pretty in depth about our prayer rights – and we are nowhere even close to finished…as a matter of fact – we are just beginning to get to some good stuff!!! Amen!

We don’t pray to try to get God to do something. We don’t pray to get people to do something.  We don’t pray to try and impress God and we don’t pray to try and impress people.  Now that I said that…I probably stepped all over a bunch of sacred cows out there…be cause those four statements probably eliminated 90% of all prayers being prayed nowadays.  No wonder we are not seeing our prayers answered the way we should be.

When you pray…do use Elizibithian English?  Thoust shalt doest…?  How silly do you think that sounds to God to have someone from Georgia, Mississippi or Texas speak like that?  As a matter of fact, even the English do not talk that way anymore…and that is where that came from.  Don’t try to con God into answering your prayers by trying to make yourself sound so “holy.”   You know what I’m talking about….

God knows you are a sinner.  He knows if He left you to yourself, you would be heading straight to hell.  Praise God He did not leave you or me or any person who will just BELIEVE in Jesus…He did not leave us to ourselves…He sent His Son to save us!  Then He gave us the Holy Spirit so we can communicate with God…amen?

You don’t have to worry about going to God and telling Him about the terrible sin you have committed…He knew about it before your conscious convicted your heart about doing it.  He knew about before you did!  When you tell God about it and confess is not when He finds out about it…that is when you get rid of it!  

You don’t have to keep coming to Him and telling Him how unworthy you are….when you do that, you discount what Jesus did at the cross.  You are basically telling God that what Jesus did was not enough.  As a matter of fact, when you do that or when people do that, they are usually trying to impress other people.

Just go before God and talk to Him like you would any other person…Just tell Him about your problems like you were talking to a friend.  If you have a problem, find it in the Bible.  Then talk to God about the scripture you found.  That is taking the problem to Him and presenting Him with the answer He has pre-ordained as belonging to believers…

When you do that,  you are actually communicating with God.  Now, look at the word, communicate.  The root word, the base word, is “to commune.”  Communion. 

John 16:23

Jesus said, basically, “up to now, you have not asked anything of the Father ‘in my name.”  (Now, lets look at what that means – in my name)…..Jesus  continued, “but from now on, you will ask the father in my name and He shall give it to you.”

Let’s Pray! 

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