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Blameless Accountability
Episode 10921st April 2023 • The Alchemy Experience • Christopher Lembke
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"The day we finally hold ourselves accountable, rather than putting the blame on others, and come clean about our responsibilities, we unfetter ourselves from ravaging frustrations and fretting crankiness." - Erik Pevernagie, "the Unbearable Heaviness of Being"

To get into the right frame of mind, it is important to understand the fundamentals about "blame" and "accountability". Blame happens when we are in a state of victimhood; we cannot face the pain of an experience so we blame something inside and/or outside ourselves. We create a narrative around the pain to justify it, e.g. they make me so angry because..., it's my personality that comes from..., etc. When we see ourselves as victims of our environment and/or circumstances we cannot but direct the cause for how we feel to sources other than ourselves. In this state we strive to control our experiences by exerting control in our external environment. We also strive to control our emotions, which leads to simply supressing them. Accountability on the other hand comes from empowerment. When we are in a higher vibrational state we realise that we cannot control our external environment by force, we can only control our thoughts, our words and our actions. These in turn will shift our patterns, habits and energy to attract different experiences. Shifting into accountability is also a shift in perception of our experiences; things are no longer happening to us, they happen for us.

These are the premises that start off our conversation as we have a special guest with us. Hulya Erdal is a fellow coach who focuses on supporting women in their process of transformation. We then delve into the the concept of Blameless Accountability and invite our audience members to share their perspectives and experiences.

About Hulya Erdal

Hulya Erdal is a Certified Transformation Coach specialising in the mastery of self-discovery. She is also a qualified and experienced chef and teacher, writer, REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy) Practitioner and well known radio personality. Hulya uses her own personal experiences and challenges in life as a vital component of her self-discovery coaching programmes.

Hulya has been guiding women globally for over 20 years. Her heart and soul is to guide midlife women through a journey of self-discovery, “crushing old beliefs that no longer serve you, changing the way you see yourself to realise your true potential, and creating exciting new dreams and actions that become your recipe for life!”

Hulya teaches "Change the way you think, Choose the life you live."



Instagram: @madebythechef & @therecipeforlife_