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Interludes (2019–2020)
Episode 51st March 2022 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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We go deep on the strange and powerful journey that was ‘Careful in the Future - The Film’ and then dive into the edges of the precarious project that almost wasn’t — the early recordings for ‘All Your Days,’ which would end up being a different (and sort of) “lost” record entirely. Clips from the sessions that never made the album, plus behind-the-scenes audio from the making of the film, all in this episode.

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The following songs and sources are included in this episode:

  1. Clip 1: ‘Careful’ film shoot (Montauk 2019)
  2. Clip 2: ‘Careful’ film shoot (Montauk 2019)
  3. Clip 3: ‘Careful’ film shoot (NYC 2019)
  4. Everybody Wins ('Careful in the Future' 2018)
  5. I Didn’t Save You (‘Careful in the Future' 2018)
  6. Clip 4: ‘Careful’ film shoot (Montauk 2019)
  7. Weaponized ('Careful in the Future' 2018)
  8. Year of Fire (‘Year of Fire’ Single 2020)
  9. Monster Storm - Silver Crown Version (‘Monster Storm’ Single 2022)
  10. Did You Ever Break Down? - Silver Crown Version (‘Silver Crown’ Unreleased 2019)
  11. I’ll Go Blind - Silver Crown Version (‘Silver Crown’ Unreleased 2019)

Link to 'Careful in the Future - The Film'

Link to 'Weaponized - The Video'



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