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Think Awe Episode 001: The big picture, cosmos to human reproduction and the paranormal
Episode 130th October 2021 • Think Awe • Kevin Ferguson
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Links, weak and strong, among precognition (laying foundation for time-loops), astrology, astronomy, sleep, mood and sexual cycles: Starting with awe inspiring anecdotal personal stories, dots are connected to recent scientific research into links among the lunar standstill cycles and ecological and human behavior, including reproduction, sleep, dreams, mood, spiritual and perhaps paranormal events. This includes dramatic re-enactments, and an interview with ecologist Vidar Selas. Sponsors: &


[1] Vidar Selås, "Linking '10-year' herbivore cycles to the lunisolar oscillation: The cosmic ray hypothesis"'10-year'_herbivore_cycles_to_the_lunisolar_oscillation_The_cosmic_ray_hypothesis

[2] Thomas A. Wehr, Charlotte Helfrich-Förster, "Longitudinal observations call into question the scientific consensus that humans are unaffected by lunar cycles," BioEssays: