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Marketing That Converts - Teresa Heath-Wareing EPISODE 124, 29th June 2020
How To Win At Work AND Succeed At Life With Megan Hyatt Miller
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How To Win At Work AND Succeed At Life With Megan Hyatt Miller

In this week’s podcast, I have the amazing Megan Hyatt Miller who is the chief operating officer at Michael Hyatt and Company. She is also the co-host of the popular Lead to Win Podcast. In this episode, we talk all about Michael Hyatt Company and how Megan runs it, as well as how you can stay focused and get work done without feeling overwhelmed. 

Key Takeaways Covered In The Podcast

• Our life has different seasons – different things are possible in different seasons.

• Respect the constraints that you have in your life and don’t fight it.

• Your weekly big three are the three most important things you need to achieve each week.

• Instead of writing a huge to-list every day, try to focus on the top three things you need to do and then move onto any others IF you have time.

• The act of writing is really good to clarify things and have a sense of calm.

• Having a paper planner is like having a sense of control that you can hold in your hand.

• Success includes all parts of your life, not just work.

• To have a great day, you need to have a morning and night ritual.

• Self-care is important to support yourself.

• You can be successful without burning yourself out and make compromises. 

The one thing you need to remember above all else…

We have so much going on in our lives, so it is important to decide what you want to focus your energy on and what you want to achieve. When you plan and prioritise the important things, you will ultimately be more productive. 

Highlights You Simply Can’t Miss

• An Introduction to Megan 5:54

• Working at Michael Hyatt Company 8:05

• Succession Planning and Diversifying 9:42

• Managing Your Time Efficiently 13:18

• The Season of Life 18:20

• The Full Focus Planner 22:20

• You Can Win at Work and Succeed at Life 34:00

• Journaling for Kids and Students 39:00

• What’s Next for Megan? 43:52