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Celebrating the First Anniversary
Episode 3226th August 2021 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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To celebrate this one-year milestone Kristin is highlighting the top three most downloaded episodes. You can hear Shannon Wiley from episode 18, talking about four characteristics of goal achievers: clarity, confidence, courage, and consistency. Shayla Ackerman from episode 10 emphasizes the value of tracking goals. Her story highlights the importance of believing in yourself and finding a way to succeed despite obstacles. In episode 7, Kristin described the morning routine that has helped her achieve a growth mindset. Now, a year later, she still has her morning routine, but with some changes. 

Episode Highlights

04:10 – Shannon talks about the characteristics rock stars tend to demonstrate, the importance of vision, and how to find a sponsor.

14:43 – Shayla’s incredible insight into mindset, goal setting, and building an amazing career.

25:55 – Three questions we can all use to understand better why we are thinking what we are thinking. 

26:33 – The most downloaded episode also relates to mindset. Kristin shares seven steps of her morning routine. 

41:54 – Kristin’s morning routine almost a year later – what she changed and why.  


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