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18 | Amber Vilhauer | Finding Alignment in Business and Personal Growth
25th June 2024 • Fingerprints On Success • Bill Barrett
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Are you ready to be inspired by a story of resilience, transformation, and entrepreneurial success? In this episode of Fingerprints on Success, I sit down with Amber Vilhauer, a dynamic books and business strategist, bestselling author, and founder of NGNG Enterprises. Amber's journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a leading entrepreneur is nothing short of extraordinary.

We explore the pivotal moments that defined Amber's path, including a life-altering incident in her teenage years. Her story is a powerful reminder of the strength within all of us to overcome adversity and create meaningful change. Amber shares her early struggles, her breakthrough with Cutco, and how she built a successful business from the ground up.

Amber delves into the core values that have driven her achievements and offers practical advice for fellow entrepreneurs. Discover how to navigate the complexities of online business and how to leverage books as a tool to significantly boost your business and personal brand. 

Join us for this engaging conversation and gain insights from Amber's unique experiences that can help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Listen now and enjoy!

What You Will Learn On This Show:

  • The power of resilience and how Amber turned a traumatic experience into a driving force for her success
  • Finding your why and understanding how core motivations can propel your business forward
  • The importance of setting and adhering to non-negotiables for sustainable growth
  • Effective strategies for building a strong online presence
  • Amber's approach to human connection in marketing and making clients feel valued
  • And much more…


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