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289. Calm Your Nervous System & Embrace Food Freedom with Ali Miller #FabulousFriends
Episode 2896th March 2024 • Be Well by Kelly Leveque • Kelly Leveque
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I’m excited for you to listen to today’s episode with Ali Miller, a registered dietitian and author of the international bestseller The Anti-Anxiety Diet and The Anti-Anxiety Diet Cookbook. Ali’s “food is medicine” philosophy is supported by the latest research for a functional, integrative approach to healing the body.

We talk about how stress can mess with the body – from your hormones, to your mood, to your reproductive health. Ali shares tangible tools to help our bodies process cortisol and transmute stress. We also talk about the HPA Axis, and why it’s so crucial to regulating the body.

We explore foods to decrease inflammation, restoring micronutrient deficiencies, and rebalancing neurotransmitters. Plus, Ali shares her personal practices for living a balanced life. We close with a discussion on how to educate and empower our kids to embrace food as medicine.

This episode is filled with so many gold nuggets that I’m going to implement in my own life. I love how Ali encourages everyone to ditch diet doctrines and embrace an individualized approach. And that mission serves as the foundation of our chat today – so get ready to be motivated through emotional connection as opposed to shame and guilt.

We also cover:

(00:02:08) Ali’s Personal Path to Wellness

(00:05:15) Understanding Anti-Nutrients

(00:10:37) Stress Is the Achilles Heel of Wellness

(00:22:45) HPA Axis 101

(00:27:13) Tips To Process Cortisol

(00:30:00) Getting Just the Right Amount of Stress

(00:36:54) Eat To Serve Up Your Best Self

(00:43:39) How Parents Can Support Their Mood

(00:48:42) Ali’s Daily Routine To Stay Balanced

(00:55:03) Empowering Your Kids Around Food


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