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303: Unlocking Freedom: How Seth Gordon Plans His Life-Changing 4 Week Vacation®️
27th June 2024 • Profit by Design • Dr. Sabrina Starling
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It’s not easy to plan for your 4 week vacation®️ as a business owner, but it CAN be done–and it WILL change your life and your business for the better. Seth Gordon joins me today to discuss the last few weeks of preparation leading up to his extended vacation this summer. He describes the mindset shifts it takes to leave hustle culture behind, the steps he’s taking now to prepare his team, and how letting go of control gives him what he desires most in life. Join us to learn more!

Seth Gordon is the owner and CEO of Glacier Supply Group in the Pacific Northwest. Glacier is a family-owned business that was established in 2021 when Seth and his wife, Leanne, purchased an existing business. They live in the Seattle area with their three energetic sons, ages 7, 5, and 3. Seth and his family love all things baseball, the Mariners, skiing, and crabbing.  

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production.

Show Highlights:

  • Seth’s lightbulb moment at the EOS Conference in 2023
  • Getting past the feeling of guilt by viewing an extended vacation as an opportunity for the team to step up and shine
  • The EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System–based on the book, Traction by Gino Wickman) structure is designed to continue whether the business owner is there or not.
  • The sense of loneliness and guilt in being an entrepreneur going against traditional hustle culture and being a trailblazer
  • Working fewer hours weekly depends on your focus on the highest-value activities (Seth shares how he did this.)
  • Steps in Seth’s process to give up some control to other team members and working through the fear of “working less”
  • Items in Seth’s personal VTO (Vision Traction Organizer)
  • Improvements in Seth’s family relationships since he focuses now on “solving for life” instead of “solving for work”
  • Seth’s focus for the next few weeks leading up to his 4 week vacation®️: delegation to a newly hired assistant, preparing to unplug from his phone, and forming a mindset to not think about work
  • Dr. Sabrina’s best tips for an unplugged and fully present 4 week vacation®️
  • Seth’s plan for returning to work after his 4 week vacation®️ to keep from taking back the tasks he’s delegated
  • Considerations in delegating, your accountability chart, and redundancy

Links and Resources:

Connect with Seth Gordon: Glacier Supply Group Website and LinkedIn

**Books mentioned in this episode: Letting Go by David Hawkins, Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer, Buy Back Your Time by Dan Martell, Traction by Gino Wickman, Work the System by Sam Carpenter, and Your World-Class Assistant by Michael Hyatt

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July Challenge

July Challenge

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