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How to Monetize Your Customer Community
Episode 3564th November 2019 • Youpreneur: The Profitable Personal Brand Expert Business! • Chris Ducker
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To monetize or not to monetize? That is the question I get asked a LOT. I know so many entrepreneurs that are on the fence when it comes to monetizing their communities because they are worried they might end up alienating them.

So where do you start? What should you be giving out for free and what can you offer as paid content for your audience?

In this episode, I dive into four different ways you can monetize your online community: blogging, podcasting, webinars and affiliate marketing plus a few of my favorite online tools that I like to use to make it happen.

As Walt Disney once said, “We don’t make movies to make money, we make movies to make more movies.” and that’s the kind of mindset you want to have when it comes to monetizing your community. It’s never about “taking” from your audience. It’s all about being able to truly create more value for your community. 

Essential takeaways from this episode:

  • The success of your blog depends on how deep you are willing to dive into your blog topic and how long you are willing to stick to it.
  • The real monetization of your blog lies in your email list and turning casual readers into true fans. 
  • When it comes to podcast sponsorships, it needs to be a win-win-win situation for everyone. 
  • Paid webinars allow you to take the pressure off when it comes to selling to a live audience. 
  • The golden rule when it comes to affiliate marketing and how you should approach it.
  • Much, much more!

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