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387 | The Power of Being Together
Episode 38714th March 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Following a Mommy Millionaire Retreat, Cayla is feeling inspired. This inspiration has come from the connection with other amazing women being in the same room. This episode is all about experiencing true human connection through strong female friendships. But sometimes, we’re held back from connecting with other women. Why? Cayla shares what happens when we have these connections and why we hesitate to step into them. Just remember that you need to surround yourself with people who have the same core values as you and who aren’t going to let you stay where you are.

You will learn:

  • [1:32] - Cayla describes the inspiration from the Mommy Millionaire Retreat.
  • [3:40] - People need other people and human connection. Cayla explains what happens when you have the right connection.
  • [5:26] - When you experience a breakthrough, you are held to a higher accountability and can level up.
  • [6:21] - Being together with like-minded people makes you believe you can do more than you ever thought possible.
  • [9:01] - New experiences expand you and show that you are capable.
  • [10:11] - When you come together, people have your back.
  • [12:13] - Most people don’t want to be in a room like this because we have trust issues.
  • [13:30] - Clear your mind of what you think about other women.
  • [14:50] - Show your mind the proof that women are trustworthy.
  • [16:01] - Build up inner integrity to better trust yourself.
  • [17:32] - None of the beliefs you have about other people are true 100% of the time.
  • [18:25] - Get connected with the people who have the same core values as you and won’t let you stay where you are. 

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