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TCP040: What hotels can learn from restaurants - from HT Next 2020
Episode 409th February 2021 • The Tech Chef, Restaurant, Hospitality and Hotel Technology Business Podcast • Skip Kimpel
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I made a promise to you last year about digging more into the hospitality and hotel side of the equation and today is the start of that. For those of you joining for the first time, please go ahead and hit the SUBSCRIBE button right now so you don’t miss a single episode.  If you are joining us for the first time or have been listening to us since the beginning, please consider leaving us a positive review on your podcast feed, wherever you listen to us.

Today we talk about moving away from your main brand to survive through these times of COVID and beyond. Flexibility is so important during these times.  Some of the areas we will cover to begin the conversation of bridging the gap between restaurants and hotels are food lockers, virtual kitchens and ghost kitchens.  These are all items that a hotel may not have thought about and maybe might also give some thought to a restaurant that might have a connection with a hotel to dig into the concept of utilizing their kitchens.

Remember, the success behind any brand that is trying to launch a ghost or virtual kitchen is the proximity and the radius of their kitchen to their ideal target group. More than likely, hotels fit that criteria, therefore, are a perfect criteria for this type of concept.

Today is unusual due to the fact I am being interviewed instead of me interviewing somebody else. This was recorded for the Hotel Next conference that went live in the early part of December. I just receive permission to release this to all of you so I wanted to share it because there is good use case scenarios on both sides of the business.

HT Next 2020

The world may have changed, but the spirit of hospitality is still driven by trust, comfort and excellent service. Technology is now more important than ever beforein fulfilling that mission as we work together to incorporate new paradigms for health and safety into those core beliefs. 

This years HT-NEXT presented HOTEL NEXT, a simulated hotel experience built for the “new normal” complete with operational areas like a lobby, guest room, back office, plus an exhibit hall, auditorium and more. 

HOTEL NEXT featured smart sessions with the most well-respected technology titans in the industry. They cover today’s hottest industry topics including touchless experiences and transactions, safety and cleanliness, data analytics and so much more! 

Produced by Hospitality Technology in partnership with HTNGHT-NEXT brings together top hotel IT leaders and technology solutions, plus executive research, and industry work groups. 

HOTEL NEXT is not just another video call or webinar. You’ll be able to fully interact with attendees in real-time and have meaningful one-on-one conversations. 

You never know who you will meet at HOTEL NEXT, but it is guaranteed to make an impact.

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I have a great lineup coming out for your starting off next week with Alex Canter where we will discuss his main business, OrderMark, and his plans for the equity influx he just received and what that will mean for them as a company and what it will mean to YOU as a user of their product and services.