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66. Owning Your Reality, Understanding Your Worth + Using ‘Embodiment’ To Align With Your Purpose with Heather Pennell
Episode 6618th December 2019 • the bossbabe podcast • bossbabe
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We are joined by Natalie Ellis, CEO of BossBabe, and Heather Pennell, Co-Founder of Rising Woman and a Conscious Relationship Educator and Facilitator as we explore the deep effects of trauma and how you can use your experiences to become more compassionate and self-aware. 

True happiness lies within the inner work that we must do as individuals. In becoming ‘trauma informed’ about your past experiences, you empower yourself by having a better understanding of how you’re feeling and what you’re doing which helps you develop greater self-compassion and self-awareness. 

Heather provides actionable tips on how you can take responsibility for your reality in order to align with your inner self and purpose. When you are clear on who you are, it will lead you to the right people, places, and opportunities in both life and business. 

If you’re ready to take ownership of your experiences in life, then this is the episode for you! 

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