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Diversity in Data: How DE&I Influences Our Business
Episode 4830th November 2022 • Core Conversations • CoreLogic
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In this episode, host Maiclaire Bolton Smith deviates from our typical discussions about the property industry to look inward at CoreLogic as a company and discuss how focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion is a vital part of the company and a big reason why CoreLogic has such a diverse group of people who work diligently to produce the data and analytics that are the driving engines behind the property market.

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In this episode:

  • Jay Kingsley, executive sponsor of CoreLogic Employee Resource Groups (1:32)
  • Lisa Youngblood, President of the African American Leadership & Learning Employee Resource Group (6:07)
  • Shannon Brown, president of the PRIDE Employee Resource Group (8:10)
  • Jackie Pham, president of the ASCEND Employee Resource Group (12:44)
  • Manuel Lopez, president of the LatinXCore Employee Resource Group (15:23)
  • Sage Nichols, president of the Women's Business Council (18:19)
  • Kurt Peterson, executive sponsor of the Military Engagement Association Employee Resource Group (20:57)