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028: Aneesh Chaudhry | Facing Fear Head-On
Episode 2819th October 2020 • The Success Finder Podcast • Brandon Straza
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Aneesh Chaudhry is a Philanthropist, Brain Health Coach, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Producer/Filmmaker. He is the Owner and Founder of SoulPhysio Lifestyle LLC, which is an Integrative Healthcare Network based out of Orange County, CA.

One thing that holds many of us back is fear and  we tend to take a step back when we feel uncomfortable. But once we embrace the fear, we realize that it is actually an invitation to learn, grow, and tackle something head-on.

[00:01 – 02:00] Opening Segment

  • I introduce and welcome guest, Aneesh Chaudhry
  • Connect with Aneesh online. See the links below

[02:01 – 09:27] Embrace the Fear

  • The foundation of SoulPhysio Lifestyle
  • Aneesh shares how he learned to get to where he is right now
  • Who he is currently working from and how he met them
  • Surround yourself who has the results you want
  • If you are getting stuck and having trouble executing what's inside your mind, Aneesh has some tips for you!
  • Fear is an invitation to learn
  • Embrace the fear

[09:28 – 17:37] Aneesh as a Mastermind

  • What can people expect when they enter your reality?
  • Words and communication are a valuable currency
  • Take care of yourself first and reap the results later
  • Be surrounded by the right people
  • Aneesh talks about the people that are in his group
  • He gets surprised by what they are able to accomplish

[17:38 – 22:17] What It Takes To Create Success

  • The willingness to Succeed
  • Getting over the mental hump and fear of being successful
  • Sensitivity of social media
  • True success stems from within
  • Did your definition of success change from back then to today?

[22:18 – 28:45] Closing Segment

  • What are you working on right now that's gonna take place in the next 12 months that really excites you?
  • My non-profit organization. I started the SoulPhysio Foundation that aims to help children with neurological disorders, and educate others about brain health, and raise awareness about mental health.
  • Aneesh shares amazing tips and tricks that will help you get in front of the line
  • Final thoughts


Tweetable Quotes:

“I think that one thing that holds so many of us back, including myself and it really has to do with the fact that brains are just wired this way, but it all has to do with fear” – Aneesh Chaudhry

“Fear is an invitation to learn, to grow, and to really tackle something head-on.” – Aneesh Chaudhry

“Money comes and goes. So, to me, money can either be used for creation or destruction. And today I use it to create joy and happiness and use that to educate other people in their lives.” – Aneesh Chaudhry

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You can connect with Aneesh on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Visit the SoulPhysio Lifestyle website.


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