What happens when entrepreneurs identifies with their business?
14th April 2023 • The Thriving Entrepreneur • David Foster & Rachelle Leerling
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Is your business your baby? If yes, what does that say about your emotional attachment to your company? And is that a good thing?

As entrepreneurs, we are wired to CARE. Care about our business, team, clients, and the outcomes. Unfortunately, many of us take it too far. Meaning we get emotionally attached to what happens in the business. Or worse, we try to control the outcomes in the business in order for it to be aligned with our emotions. We end up getting triggered - badly triggered. Causing us to be extra stressed, moody, mentally unavailable, or unable to lead or perform.

In this episode, David & Rachelle explore emotional attachment to our business and the consequences of this.


DF: “Identifying with your struggle at work means that your problems there determine who you think you are.”

RL: “Who am I without work, without my business?”

DF: “Take some of your power back, and say this is what I’m choosing to do.”

RL: “When you are trying to control outcomes, you have such a big emotional attachment to what happens.”

What you will learn:

- What identifying with your business looks like in practice

- What healthy attachment is & the benefits of it

- What unhealthy attachment is & the dangers of it

- How to care but still be efficient and healthy

- Questions to ask yourself to explore whether you are too attached and what to do about it

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