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Western Countries Are Starved of the True Gospel! — PART 1 Follow-on Interview with Dawid Pawlowski
Episode 230th March 2022 • On Fire For God Today •
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This is PART 1 of a 3-hour follow-on interview between Sean M. Madden, of, and Dawid Pawlowski, of We discuss Dawid's brother Pastor Artur Pawlowski's unlawful imprisonment and the totalitarian tyranny gripping Canada. Sean and Dawid then discuss the underlying failures of the Western nominal, or "Churchianity", church as well as many other fundamental matters of grave concern, all in the context of these wicked last days within which we're all living.

Episode Guide

00:00:00 Today, you're going to hear some crazy stuff

00:00:42 We are called to speak the truth, Brother

00:00:58 Transitioning from a non-Christian to a Christian

00:01:09 Welcome intro

00:02:21 Prayer with Dawid for us all

00:03:12 Post-prayer lead in to Pastor Art update

00:03:29 IMPORTANT Pastor Artur update (Edmonton, etc.)

00:08:30 I believe my brother's arrest is very prophetic

00:10:06 People using God's name for their own gain and kingdoms

00:11:05 Why the churches are not openly supporting Pastor Art

00:12:20 Nominal label of "Christian" means so very little

00:13:40 The churches are not preparing their flocks for the days at hand

00:13:47 They are preparing their flocks for the Antichrist

00:14:42 A gospel call for all nominal "Christians" listening today

00:16:28 Churches not speaking out about the scamdemic, lethal injections, etc.

00:17:45 The State: "Pastor Art a danger to the inmates and the guards"

00:18:29 Additional charges filed against Artur and Dawid

00:20:13 How many bail hearings since Art arrested on Feb 8th?

00:21:02 Guards put Pastor Art in a "beating up cell" in Calgary Remand Centre

00:22:01 Prayer vigil update

00:23:29 Pastor Art supporters arrested in Calgary

00:24:50 Pray and hope that people rise up / Nuremberg 2.0

00:25:02 Ministry at Calgary Remand Centre that Pastor Art has begun

00:26:35 The prison inmates want to help Pastor Art

00:26:42 Pastor Art brought fire to the them in prison

00:27:51 Get Bibles to those inmates and continue to minister to them

00:28:45 In city of Calgary over 500 churches

00:29:06 Fast for Artur, for reformation in prison systems in Calgary, in Canada

00:29:43 Documentaries: The Street Advocate (2014), Revival Hits Calgary (2005)

00:31:20 Countless miracles / we take video cameras everywhere

00:32:22 God is a God of signs and wonders

00:32:34 It's a life of sanctification / loyalty / God and the enemy are watching!

00:33:30 Do what God commands, and leave the rest to Him!

00:33:51 God's strength is made perfect in our weakness (2 Cor 12:9)

00:34:57 Why "big shot" church leaders are not raising up their flocks

00:35:51 Obedience is better than sacrifice

00:36:07 Treated like celebrities in India, Africa, etc.

00:36:18 Meanwhile, their backyard is being overtaken by the enemy

00:36:44's experience with invitations from overseas

00:41:44 People in every county should catch the fire

00:42:13 Preachers justifying "taking the jab" to do overseas ministry work

00:43:13 Established orphanages and a clinic in Kenya

00:44:02 Britain left Africa decades ago

00:44:46 Get off your "three letters" and clean the neighborhood!

00:45:07 Gospel more than the 66 books / fixing a tangible problem

00:46:11 Will never receive healing until they point the finger to themselves

00:47:30 Western countries are starved of the true gospel

00:48:08 Sean and his wife Katharine's testimony

00:48:37 Sean's 3+ decades as an atheist

00:49:17 Sean's reading key books of the Bible outside of faith

00:49:57 Sean grew up, confirmed, in the Anglican church

00:50:28 Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God

00:51:17 The simplicity of the faith-based gospel

00:51:54 Where has "the Church" been?

00:52:12 Majority of Westerners do not know the gospel

00:52:29 Sirs, what must I do to be saved? (Acts 16:30)

00:52:57 Dawid grew up as a Roman Catholic

00:53:40 Although religion classes, nothing about being born again

00:54:04 How do you conquer an army or nation? (3 ways)

00:55:48 Church congregations sending money abroad

00:56:38 Western churches closed off access to real prophets of God

00:57:33 Seers with a prophetic calling

00:58:11 The prophet should warn the flock

00:59:46 Pastor Art and Dawid warning people for 20 years

01:00:23 Pastor Art's vision of a huge hand upon a huge fence

01:00:44 Biggest segregation of the sheep and goats world has ever seen

01:02:44 Listen to Episode 1, and stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3!

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