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The Practical Protection Podcast - Kathryn Knowles EPISODE 7, 1st April 2021
Bowel Cancer
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Bowel Cancer

Hi everyone, this week we are focusing on bowel cancer. This is a topic that is very close to Matt’s heart as he was diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer some years ago. 

Matt is sharing his experience of spotting the signs of bowel cancer, pushing for extra medical checks and the time that he learned of his diagnosis. We then talk through the treatments that he underwent and go through some medical terms, to break down some of the most common classifications for assessing cancer.

The key takeaways:

  • Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK, and the second biggest killer.
  • The main symptoms of bowel cancer.
  • How staging and grading of cancer works and the TNM system.

I will be back in a couple of weeks with Roy McLoughlin and we will be chatting about group insurance. There is so much potential for introducing group cover to your clients, especially small-to-medium businesses.

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