How LOLA leverages memberships to heighten the subscription experience
Episode 1526th October 2021 • Hit Subscribe | The subscription ecommerce podcast by Recharge • Recharge
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On this episode guest hosted by Callie Hawley, Recharge’s Senior Content Marketing Manager, we’re chatting with Anna Stearns, Senior Director of DTC at LOLA, makers of feminine and reproductive care products.

Anna takes us behind the scenes of LOLA’s recent switch to a headless build and shares why they made the change to better serve their customers and the challenges they faced along the way. 

Anna also gives us insight into LOLA’s various subscription membership offerings and how they incentivize these plans with rewards like free shipping, early access to products, donations and discounts.

Anna also tells us about LOLA Gives Back, the brand’s charitable donations program and how they empower their customers to provide donations to those in need of feminine care products.


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