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Level-up Engineering - Coding Sans EPISODE 10, 19th February 2020
Recruiting Engineers: Greg Sabo (Engineering Manager at Asana)
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Recruiting Engineers: Greg Sabo (Engineering Manager at Asana)

Interview with Greg Sabo, Engineering Manager at Asana. Learn how Asana is overcoming the lack of developers on the workforce market, and get your recruitment process to the next level!

In this interview we're covering:

  •   How to build your employer brand?
  •   Asana's steps to recruiting engineers
  •   How to make the final decision?
  •   Key elements to recruiting engineers
  •   Top channels to recruiting engineers
  •   Intern program
  •   What skills and traits do you need to recruit developers?
  •   How do you evolve your recruitment process?

Excerpt from the interview:

"We do what we call a huddle-meeting, where everyone who has interviewed the candidate gets in a room. Each interviewer has an impression to start with, whether they think the person would be a fit for the rule, and we all discuss it.

The final decision comes down to the facilitator of the huddle based on the interviewers opinions. The facilitator hasn’t interviewed the candidate, so they bring a fresh mindset to the discussion. We train our engineers to facilitate meetings and make decisions collaboratively with a group.

It doesn't have to be a complete consensus."

Check out the written version of the interview here!