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Episode 8814th April 2023 • Hot Young Designers Club | Interior Design Business Podcast • Hot Young Designers Club
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Are you confusing clients by offering too many options and services? What do you do when the design is twice the original budget? How many projects can you realistically manage without employees? Today, we will be answering these questions along with some others. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Shifting your mindset when it comes to positioning your services
  • Making the proposal specific to the client - tell them what they need
  • Interior Define - should you trust their products
  • Having a great relationship with your general contractor
  • The best ways to receive payments from your clients
  • Dealing with the complications of cabinetry
  • Outsourcing tasks to nonemployees when needed
  • The things you have to be willing to sacrifice when starting your business
  • Why you need a contract 

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