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The Retirement Remix - Chip Munn EPISODE 7
Embracing Change for Your Ideal Retirement With Jay Lavrinc
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Embracing Change for Your Ideal Retirement With Jay Lavrinc

Join Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Group and Senior Wealth Advisor with RJFS, who is joined on this episode of The Retirement Remix Podcast by Jay Lavrinc, Director of Membership Relations at the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce in Florence, South Carolina. 

Tune in to episode seven of The Retirement Remix to hear more of Jay's journey and listen as Chip and Jay discuss topics such as: 

  • The importance of finding a career that suits your life rather than a life that suits your career.
  • Navigating the intricate and complex feelings that come with relocation after many years.
  • How Jay determined what age he needed to start seriously considering his retirement wants and needs - and what compromises he found he needed to leave the corporate world. 
  • What Jay believed his retirement would look like vs. what it looks like today (and why for many those can often be very different).
  • Knowing what he knows now, is there anything that Jay might have done differently?


The goal of The Retirement Remix Podcast is to engage in real conversations with real people about how we actually retire.

The Retirement Remix brings a fresh, flexible approach to retirement planning and goal setting. Grab your copy of our crucial resource to beginning your unique retirement journey, The Six Steps to Your Remix, here.