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Episode 3, with Clare Balding and Isabella Tree
Episode 39th June 2023 • Ashdown Forest podcast • Eka Morgan
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· Tom joins in with the dawn chorus and at dusk, the eerie, electric sound of Nightjars churring...

· Clare Balding from BBC Radio 4’s Ramblings brings her ‘Tigger’ energy to the Forest…

· Rewilding trailblazer Isabella Tree tells Eka about her new ‘Book of Wilding’.

And by the way, we do know that 2 x 85 is 170, not 160…but it was dark and we were being eaten by midges. However, what we are referring to is very exciting.

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This podcast takes the Ashdown Forest as a springboard for conversations about wildlife.

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'So professional and well constructed.' Vanessa Williams, Director BBC Countryfile

'This podcast is a total delight and an immersion in nature itself.' Isabella Tree, rewilding pioneer

We have been fortunate to receive a generous contribution from a local individual towards this episode of the podcast.

Producer: Eka Morgan

Guitar: Jared Thode

Artwork: Carry Akroyd

Technical support: David Kitto

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