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Preparing Payroll for GDPR with Richard George #01
Episode 131st March 2018 • The Payroll Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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Richard George, Director of Education at The Learn Centre takes Payroll Podcast listeners on a journey through the complexities of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).  Richard provides practical advice to help you prepare for GDPR and avoid common mistakes to help you develop a robust plan for payroll compliance.

Join Nick Day, Managing Director of JGA Payroll Recruitment as he asks Richard the tough GDPR questions that payroll and HR professionals need answering.  Discover the practical payroll steps you can take right now to get your payroll department on the route to GDPR compliance in just a few short weeks.

Richard is an experienced Global Payroll Manager, find out the one piece of advice he would give any new payroll professional working in the industry right now.  Also, discover how Richard he views the payroll industry changing in the future.  You can also learn what he would do if he was confronted by aliens!

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Over the coming weeks, The Payroll Podcast will be featuring a number of payroll industry leaders.  Interviews will include meetings with Global Payroll Directors, Payroll Trainers, Payroll Managers, Payroll Software Professionals.  However, we will also be speaking with Wellness-at-Work Practitioners, HR Managers, the HMRC, CEO’s, Recruiters and even Talent and Leadership Psychologists!

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