Train as a Psychedelic Facilitation Guide: “VITAL” 12-month certification program from Psychedelics Today - 46
Episode 4615th March 2022 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Live Free Laura D
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Whether you’re a medical or mental health clinician, psychotherapist, coach, or wellness practitioner, if you are interested in integrating psychedelics into your practice so you can serve the healing and evolution of your clients, this episode is for you.

As a co-founder of Psychedelics Today, Kyle has been at the forefront of psychedelic education for over a decade. Alongside his personal and professional experience with psychedelics, Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork, transpersonal psychology, and mental health through his work with co-founder Joe and a massive team of expert faculty, Psychedelics Today is bringing clinicians into the art and science of psychedelic practice through their 12-month program called “Vital”.

Vital is a 12-month professional certificate training in the elements of psychedelic therapy and integration where you will master the elements of psychedelic practice and join a community of professionals on their mission to provide safe, ethical, and effective treatment and integration. 

‍This certificate program is born out of their vast experience guiding, teaching, and leading the conversation on psychedelic therapy, as well as their mission to empower the future leaders of the psychedelic movement.

Key Take-aways:

  • Navigating psychedelics for clinicians and therapist
  • Educating people around exceptional human experiences, how to hold space, and integrate them.
  • What does the future of psychedelic healing look like?
  • Creating the future of psychedelic education, handling imposter syndrome while at the cutting-edge and what it takes to develop a program that is on the same level or higher than a traditional masters program
  • Competition vs cooperation in this space
  • Other programs require you to be a therapist or clinician, this program is more open to anyone interested in facilitating psychedelic experiences.

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