Start "Dating" Yourself, Says The Guy With The Dragon Tattoo!
Episode 478th March 2022 • BOLD CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS • LiveMasterminds, Inc. and Raju Panjwani
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Once in a while, you run into someone so different that you wonder what they know or do, that we don’t. 

This conversation with Alex Schlange was one of those. Having met him a few weeks ago, and observing how connected he is with his family, his work, his devotion, I had to get him into our studio.

As a boy to be thrown into a class with 199 other girls, is a tidal wave. He was bullied, made fun of, and ridiculed most of his childhood. 

But then, some people are wise enough to find the innate wisdom that they are born with. You will hear that it was not like he had no fears, he found ways like laughter and comedy to deflect the bullying. He went and got a black belt in martial arts to protect himself. And so much more… so he could cope!

Listen to the nuggets Alex shares in his 55-year life, full of wisdom and learning!

About Alex Schlange

Born in Bremerhaven, Germany, Alex is a third-generation, European trained, Master Stylist.

Prior to moving to Bluffton, SC from Encinitas, CA , Alex was the most sought-after stylist in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. His clients often booked him a year in advance because of incredible demand for his services. Alex has 35 years of experience in the art of hair design and color mastery.

Alex’s training began at the early age of 13. By age 18, Alex was the top stylist, out of 600 employees, at an inter coiffure salon in Houston, Texas. In addition to being the top stylist, Alex joined the Sam Brocato, Christopher Dove and Trevor Sorbie artistic teams and traveled around the world, setting beauty trends for England, Germany, Netherlands, and the US.

Alex opened his first salon at age 23 and quickly earned the award for outstanding business achievement. Alex’s artistry results in styles that enhance his clients’ facial features while taking into consideration hair texture and lifestyle.

Alex is passionate about golfing, painting, cooking, and connecting with nature, alongside his family.

You can reach Alex for an amazing HAIR STYLE:

At SALON KARMA on Instagram: @salonkarmasc

Alex can also be reached on Instagram at @alexschlange


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