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Lightfin Casefiles - Mike Sinclair EPISODE 3, 24th January 2020
Case 156 - The Ghost Net
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Case 156 - The Ghost Net

Detective Lightfin is swimming close to the Mariana trench, the deepest point in the ocean when he hears a call for help. Lightfin has to help a friend who has become entangled in a "ghost net" and then figure out who might have left it there.


Lightfin - Scott Allen ( Insta: @ScottAllenVO / Twitter: @scottallenvoice )

Narrator - Isabel Landivar

Humphrey - Jeremy Adsit ( website )

Old Carl - Nicholas Contreras ( website )

Sasha - Cynthia Dominguez ( IG: @dominguezcyn )

Garry - Cody Blate (Wicked Figs TV)

Story - Mike Sinclair

Sound edited by - Mike Sinclair

Story at: https://www.10-4-10.com/home/kids-story-case-456-the-case-of-the-ghost-net